The rink 

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Two different clubs use the new curling rink namely Tårnby Curling Club and Margarita Curling Club Denmark.

The rink consists of 5 lanes which are constantly maintained by the ice crew.
Tårnby Curling Club and Margarita Curling Club Denmark have over 330 members all together, which makes them the biggest in Denmark. TCC has been active since 1978 and has during the years won a lot of Danish championship and international games. The Danish mix championship have been won by TCC 3 times. Two times has a junior lady team won the bronze medal at the junior world championship. MCC Denmark is a relatively new division of TCC, where a team has won the Danish veteran championship more than 6 times.

The rink of TCC and MCC is one of the worlds most modern installations, with a lot of technical advantages build under technical assistance by Leif Öhman from Sweden. The control room handles all the many different temperature sensors that have been put under the ice, and in other places at the rink.

Teams from the whole world have been using the rink several times as preparation for the world championship, both juniors and seniors.

The rink has been further expanded during fall 2003, as a new building has been joined to the existing one. This building holds an lift for wheelchair-curlers, workout/fitness room, and other facilities.

The curling rink is situated just 7 kilometers from the center of Copenhagen, and not more than 1 kilometer from the international airport of Copenhagen.

The rink have hostet World Junior-B Championships 4th time , 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004 and EJCC 2005, WSCC 2006 and now EJCC 2007